EARLIER this week Christopher Griffiths and Awez Jamshaid were
convicted of murdering Malaciah Thomas and Saif Shahzad was found guilty
of manslaughter.

A fourth man, Daniel Roberts, admitted murder partway through the

Today, all four were sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court:

Daniel Roberts, Christopher Griffiths, and Awez Jamshaid, were all
sentenced to life imprisonment.

Roberts, 20, and Griffiths, 30, must serve a minimum of 25 years, while
19-year-old Jamshaid will serve at least 11 years.

Shahzad, 19, was sentenced to 7 years 6 months in a Young Offenders

Just before 2am on Monday, July 23 2018, officers were called to reports
of a serious assault in the front garden of a house in Corporation Road,

Malaciah Thomas 20, suffered multiple stab wounds and died at the scene.

Speaking after the sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court, Senior
Investigating Officer Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Morgan said:
“Malaciah Thomas was stabbed to death just two days before his 21st
birthday and our thoughts are with his family and friends.

“This tragic case sadly highlights the devastating and far-reaching
consequences of knife crime.

“Knife crime has risen across the UK and unfortunately we are not an
exception to that.

“During the early hours of Monday, July 23rd 2018 four young men left
an address in Roath and drove to Grangetown.

“Two of them were armed with knives – all four knew the objective was
to attack Malaciah.

“Following a thorough investigation and trial at Cardiff Crown Court,
they have been convicted and will spend a significant part of their
lives in prison.

“The response from the community throughout our investigation was
extremely positive and we thank those who have provided information,
including CCTV, and showed great strength in coming forward.

“South Wales Police is committed to tackling knife crime by preventing
people carrying these weapons and robustly dealing with those we find
involved in such criminality.”

Mr Thomas’ sister Ashanti Esekhaigbe read the following Victim Personal
Statement at the hearing:

I make this Victim Personal Statement on behalf of my mother and myself
in relation to the murder of my brother Malaciah Thomas.

It is impossible to describe the effect that the murder of Malaciah has
on my mum and me.

Also, those involved in his murder have taken enough from us and they do
not deserve to know how we are feeling. That is private to us and we
want to keep those feeling private.

We just want to remember Malaciah as he was, a loving son and brother
who was happy and planning his 21st birthday celebrations when he died.

Instead of celebrating his 21st birthday, we were mourning his death.
Instead of celebrating my mum’s birthday in August, we were arranging
his funeral.

We don’t hate those who caused Malaciah’s death, as they would be in our
head and we don’t want to give them any of our time. We have no opinion
of them.

All we can say about those who took Malaciah’s life is that they are
cowards. Instead of talking to Malaciah one on one about any
disagreement they may have had, they have turned up in a group armed
with knives, knowing they couldn’t beat Malaciah up any other way. They
only had one intention.

Malaciah was not brought up to be a coward and he clearly had no fear
for his own safety when he was sat in the car as he had rung Chloe
Xuereb, who he considered a friend, as he was worried about her safety
rather than his own. He was brought up to defend himself and look after

The people who have taken Malaciah’s life have caused a massive ripple
effect, not just for Malaciah’s family and friends, but also for their
own families. I don’t think they ever thought of the consequences of
their actions.

It is not for us to say what we think should happen to the defendants.
All those involved know what they have done and they have to live with
the part they have played in Malaciah’s death.

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